Fine Art Website Design Package Design Label Design Logo Design Painting by Mike Lind

My name is Mike Lind. I call the small business that I run out of the upstairs of our 130-year old farm house:


I am an artist first, graphic designer second, and I apply this mentality to every design job I create. It is graphic design with fine art touches that will set you apart from all of the boring template-based over-designed and trite stuff out there. It is unique design, for your unique needs.  

I live on a small farm, with my wife, Dani Lind of Rooted Spoon Culinary and our 2 border collies. Aspen Farm Studios was born with the vision of combining the very best qualities of computer based design and fine art, to create a unique image that sets you and your business apart from the rest. 

Aspen Farm Studios believes in keeping it local, keeping it small and keeping it affordable. With face to face meetings over a coffee or beer, we can come with a plan to create something outstanding.