Fine Art Website Design Package Design Label Design Logo Design Painting by Mike Lind

Meadowlark Community Mill already had an established brand and logo set, but needed some new life breathed into a series of projects, ranging from informational booklets to various branding items.

Meadowlark Community Mill

The Work:

If you’re looking to grow your brand with authenticity and intention, I would highly recommend Mike’s skill set. His ability to translate an abstract concept into a visually engaging design has been invaluable to our business over the course of the last year. Together, we have designed small projects like stickers and patches, to large scale brand development like website overhauls and custom bulk bag designs. Mike is incredibly responsive- always communicates his progress, and asks the right questions up front to ensure timelines are followed and expectations are clear. Most importantly, it is fun to collaborate with Mike. He’s always willing to brainstorm ideas and help us define our goals. With his talent, we have been able to add an overall consistency and polish to our branding, while also staying aligned with our values.

Project: Grain Guide Info-Book